Rehablitation and

We are dedicated to work for the rehabilitation and empowerment of persons with spinal cord injury (wheelchair users) in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. Our core aim is to discover the persons with spinal cord injury (PwSCI) from all parts and all corners of the Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. Even though the topography of Jammu and Kashmir is as such that many parts are yet to be connected with roads and the a good percentage of population living the migratory life coming down in winters and going back to mountain tops in summer to graze their cattle visiting these places is so difficult even for normal persons but from 2010 onwards concrete steps were taken to discover such persons by involving friends and friends of friends, social media and phone. As till date there's no cure for Spinal cord injury (sci) thus our aim is to prevent such people from falling into the hands of agents and selfish people who aim to make money by taking advantage of desire of such people to walk again as nobody even living the last minutes of life will love the wheelchair life. People from all walks of life are sustaining sci as on all the three fronts individual, social and government level we have failed to enforce the prevention of Sci by implementing the safety measures despite of knowing prevention is the only cure for sci. A good percentage of PwSCI do not have access to Internet or even mobile phones our endeavor is to reach such people through our network and save them from associated problems of spinal cord injury and live a successful and independent life both physically as well as financially. Though we do not have our own rehabilitation canter till date but we have good networking with all the quality rehabilitation centers throughout India and take their services as and when required.

We have sent many PwSCI to different centres to treat their bedsores and other ailments and all the expenses like food, transportation and medicines were paid by us and we are committed to continue it in future and at much more intensity.

We are dedicated to help PwSCI with innovative ideas of modification of their homes with least expenses to make them independent in carrying out their daily chores of life but a great number of persons from our fraternity are living on hills where no modifications can be done it is our first and foremost aim to construct a multipurpose Rehab-home where PwSCI can live their life independently, happily and with dignity.