Concept of a Rehab-Home

It has been proven internationally that people take a lot of time in accepting disability, when we know that the sooner they accept their disability the better their life can become. We cannot accuse an individual (accident victim) for it as it's in the DNA of human to look best, attractive and successful than others. When one from such an attractive life all of a sudden is rendered to a wheelchair it needs quality physical, psychological and financial rehabilitation to get him back on the track of life. I have met some girls who years after living a disabled life were yet to accept it and overcome from the shock of being an accident victim. Unfortunately this injury mostly happens in the age of 18 to 35 which is the most fertile phase of life. In most of the cases people often kick their souls by thinking on "why me" and they waste their precious phase of life in lamenting their existence and our environment and society fails to provide a healing and soothing touch. On the other hand a rehabilitation center provides an ecosystem of inclusiveness and the population there is a trained team of physical therapists, psychotherapists, trained social workers and caring nursing staff. Every general talk of victim there with these people and accessible physical environment acts as an melting agent of both physical as well as mental impediments of PwSCI and help in wiping out all the apprehensions and dilemmas and also the concerns of the "what if.. So with the collective, candid and professional effort of rehab center a PwSCI is transformed into an aspiring, optimistic and hopeful person despite of being on wheelchair.


But the problem starts instantly after being discharged from the rehabilitation center when they fail to entre their homes at their own on wheelchair and they have to arrange two men to help them to get in and feel humiliated and as if they are from a different world. All the training and wheelchair skills they learnt and the art of the Wheelchair life they inculcated at the centre is proved to be futile and at the very first step all their aims and aspirations of living a positive, dignified and meaningful life turn into negativity and pessimism. That's why ninety nine percent (99.9%) of PwSCI in Jammu and Kashmir are living pathetic, demoralised, pessimistic, undignified and dependent bedridden life. Even some young boys with Sci died when in other parts of world people live enjoyable, active, meaningful, healthy and dignified life. Imagine a Lineman, a Carpenter, a Mason, a Laborer or a Driver who after acquiring Sci was all set to enter the mainstream again after rehabilitation is confronted with the complexities of a different world altogether to what he had expected during his rehabilitation period.

And it's not necessarily all the victims of Sci get that kind of rehabilitation courses (like me as Kashmir was in total mayhem those days and there was no such centre and I was put on a bed in 8x6' room to die for seven long years) but with the passage of time learn at its own. In my case the life itself has been my best teacher but it took long and I lost my career and most importantly my most caring mother who never came out of the shock as she has raised me with great expectations. Imagine their dilemma, confusion and uncertainty about their existence and if asked what type of job or a Entrepreneurial means of livelihood will you provide them in such a physical and psychological state. And it's the phase where clock of the life of PwSCI continues to produce an confrontational tik-tock. Neither govt nor PPP can do wonders at the proportional level of time taking for changes with respect to their passing of years. How much of the world of the PwSCI will you change according to their expectations and needs of a second differently abled life. Also the topography and geographical conditions of the place play an crucial role in rehabilitation as the maintenance and regulation of the optimum body temperature becomes an issue of existence. You cannot imagine the suffering of our fraternity from Jammu region during summer when they easily could live nine (9) months of year here in Kashmir for it having favourable and conducive climate. But yes with the help of small team you can transform a piece of land into eutopia by creating a friendly, accessible and suitable environment exactly upto the hopes and expectations of PwSCI. Afterwards not for them alone but these centres become the employment generating unitd for normal people also. You know how these projects are aided by the resources of CSR and philanthropic organizations. It becomes an ecosystem exactly like a PwSCI thinks of during rehabilitation and his dream of reorganisation and reorientation of his second life comes true. These persons take very little time to get adjusted for they being hungry of such places and start working with great zeal and zest and in a very short span of time produce competitive and qualitative products and earn the state of respect and dignity which outside world denies them. On the other hand the parents of such severely disabled children have immense apprehensions and worries for they getting older and older day by day and reaching the stage of their death with their children having no physical and financial security to live the remaining life.

Only a Rehab-home on a vast piece of land with inclusive and accessible accommodation and environment can make it possible for we people to live the remaining days of our life with dignity and feel we too are components of this beautiful and diverse world.

In a nutshell, a rehab home is going to be a place where a wheelchair user can find solace and be free from all worries, if buts and no apprehensions that otherwise are likely to consume his life. This is the only dream people like us are having because in this materialistic and corporate world one never knows when the things take an ugly turn for a wheelchair bound person and he is left with no other option than to commit suicide. That's why the rate of suicide of such persons is increasing day by day. We request you to consider this inclusive project and reply promptly and positively as it is going to be bread and butter for persons with spinal cord injury as their dependence is taken care of which otherwise is going to jeopardize their existence.