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Dildar Ahmad By Acmo Network

Dildar Ahmad

Founder President
Being an early age orphan Dildar Ahmad had a part time job while pursuing graduation and his hard work got him the highest post next to boss. Things were going well when on 5th Sep 1996 evening relative of his boss played a joke of pulling hand and on losing the balance fell down and instantly lost the sensation and power below ribs. Having no idea of injury his friends took him to local hospital where from he was referred to SKIMS and for 45 days there doctors could not decide what to do and finally he decided to left the hospital voluntarily. Waiting for death for few years Dildar Ahmad finally decided to face the Sci and after taking loan and the amount he got through MACT started doing business and the paradigm shift was when he modified his car and in 2015 he became the first PwSCI in India to do the All India Spinal cord injury awareness drive when he drove his car for 24850 kms in 77 days throughout the length and breadth of india
Muzafar Nazir By Acmo Network

Muzafar Nazir

General Secretary
Being a enthusiast of biking in Oct 2007 Muzafar Nazir was stopped by people who were cutting the trees on road side when he was going to famous picnic spot of kashmir - - - AHARBAL WATERFALL. When he was allowed to go one of tree fell down and hit him to the ground leaving him unconscious. The site being 20 kms away from his residence was taken to nearest hospital by local people and by then his family members reached who took him to Srinagar. Though he was hospitised for months but like every other spinal injury he could not recover the power to walk again. He lived the bedridden life for years but his vision of Wheelchair life changed when Dildar Ahmad (president) and other PwSCI from same kulgam Distt Aijaz Ahmad visited him. On seeing Dildar Ahmad driving his modified car Muzafar rejuvenated his grit and effort and got his car modified and never look back after that.
Gurdeep Singh by Acmo Network

Gurdeep Singh

Member Executive
After my spinal injury, life became very tough, because all of sudden there was a U turn, life came to standstill. It seemed as everything came to a halt. Latter my family and friends were beside me and supported me, after getting physical rehabilitation and training in assistive devices from St. Stephen's Hospital, New Delhi, encouraged me to bring my life back on the track . It was the motivation and inspiration from two NGO's HPVT and VMS (Srinagar) that today I am recognized for my contribution in the upliftment of PWDs (SCI) as a trainer of trainers and as a peer counselor trained by ICRC-Geneva and Motivation-UK.
Insha Bashir By Acmo Network

Insha Bashir

Insha Bashir captain of current national women's basketball team J&K, met an accident when she was studying in class 12th, which injured her spine at L1 vertebrae. This incident shattered her for a while but she still continued her studies on wheelchair. The paradigm shift of her life was when she was admitted in SHAFAQAT REHABILITATION CENTER in 2017 where she got rehabilitated physically and psychologically. The spark in her needed an impetus which SRC provided and then she never looked back. Those days wheelchair basketball was introduced into Valley and on seeing the PwSCI playing wheelchair basketball she jumped into the sea and within no time she gathered pace. In the same year she went to Tamil Nadu and participated in national level championship. Having good communication skills she rose to the international level and represented India at US in 2019. From a small village to US Insha has featured in lot of prizes and awards and the prominent one being presented by kiren Rijuji. Cutting across the gender barrier Insha is an example of strength, courage and grit.
Sajad Ahmad Picture by Acmo Network

Sajad Ahmad

Sajad Ahmad from Distt kulgam would have never thought that his life will go on wheelchair post June 2015 when he fell down from roof. Instantly he was taken to Srinagar for hospitalisation where he came to know about his spinal injury. He was shocked to know that he cannot walk again and being a married he had tremendous apprehensions about his family life. Tough gets going is apt statement describing Sajad,s life and today he is not only living his own wheelchair life but helping other PwSCI to live a trouble free and independent and meaningful wheelchair life.
Ab Rehman Picture By Acmo Netwok

Ab Rehman

Ab Rehman was living his most happy moments of life as he was recently married and in Sep 2013 he climb up the willow tree to cut some branches. Unfortunately he lost the grip and could not manage to stable himself and fell from branch to branch and finally he was on the ground shocked, frustrated and out of ideas as he could not feel his body down the ribs. Being the only son of his parents his family members, cousins and neighbours rushed to the spot, took him to the hospital but had no idea of what had happened to him. After months of treatment Ab Rehman realised the unfortunate truth of his life post the accident and vowed to live the wheelchair life happily and today he is one of key members of the organisation.

Mohd Rafee

Project Manager
Born as a handsome boy in a magnificent family Mohd Rafee was one of the intelligent students of his school when he developed a benignant tumour on his face and was surprised to know that he has to live with it for ever. Accepting the disability boldly he continued his school life and had no idea that another disability is about to knock his door. In May 2010 when they were building the roof of their house he too was assisting the carpenters and all of a sudden lost his balance while sitting on the wooden framework and fell down on the concrete floor of his terrace. Living in Lawaypora on the outskirts of Srinagar city he got the immediate hospitalisation but like other such persons he too could not overcome the injury and was rendered to wheelchair for the rest of his life but his unique mental presence and with the help of Shafaqat Rehabilitation Centre Bemina Srinagar he opted for an active wheelchair life. He's the player of jammu and kashmir wheelchair basketball team and has good name among the wheelchair basketball players of india. Not only he is living a meaningful wheelchair life but has played a key role in the compilation of database of persons with spinal cord injury (PwSCI) in jammu and kashmir and ladakh along with Muzafar Nazir (vice-president).
Arif Ahmad

Arif Ahmad

Being the bright student of his area Arif Ahmad was pursuing his graduation and like every student from unprivileged families he was so keen and eager to complete his graduation thereby supporting his family financially. Arif would've never ever thought his life will take such a turn when he climbed a walnut tree to fetch some walnuts. Arif says he couldn't remember what happened as he lost the balance, fell down and instantly sustained the biggest disability called spinal cord injury. He was taken to hospital and after days there Arif Ahmad realized something serious has happened to him as he had lost the Power and control of his body below the thoracic cage. Finally, he came to know that the spinal cord injury is irreversible and permanent disability and he began to think of his second life on wheelchair. Arif was lucky to see some wheelchair users of our group and he was quick to redesign and reorientate his life. He not only completed his graduation on wheelchair but began to educate the young children of his locality and earned a respectable name and fame It was the time when care Foundation was being formed and Arif played his part in getting registration of the organisation. Arif Ahmad took an active and optimistic approach of life and accepted his disability very early and today he is living an active, meaningful and dignified life on wheelchair running his business and being an active member of Care Foundation.
John Mohd Bhat- Staff-Carejk-By-Acmo Network

John Mohd Bhat

Member Executive
John Mohd from Kandipora was in his nineth class when an unfortunate accident changed his life in 2022. The road of his village was bumpy and full of potholes but John Mohd used to go up and down many times in a day. On this day unfortunately John Mohd lost the control of his bike and fell in one of the potholes and instantly lost the sensation of his body below the rib cage. He was taken to hospital but John Mohd finally realised that something serious has happened as despite of surgery and physiotherapy he couldn't regain the power of his lower body. He finally came back to the home and began to think of his life on wheelchair. His mental toughness enabled him to accept the disability and the turning point was when he modified his wagon-R and began to roam around. Today he's a successful govt contractor and everyday prepares himself and goes to his work with the wheelchair in his car, He is one of the few PwSCI from Jammu and Kashmir who are living successful, dignified and meaningful life.