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Care Foundation

The first Registered NON-PROFIT organisation working for Rehabilitation and Empowerment of Persons with SPINAL CORD INJURY(Wheelchairs Users) in Jammu and kashmir and Ladakh
NITI AAYOG Unique ID : JK/2022/0327405
80G Unique Registration Number :AAFAC7854CF20221
12A Unique Registration Number : AAFAC7854CE20221
For the AY 2023-24 To AY 2025-2026.

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We Are a Family

We are a family of persons with spinal cord injury (PwSCI) commonly known as paraplegic or wheelchair users in the entire Jammu and Kashmir including Ladakh. The majority of the members have sustained spinal cord injury (sci) due to various types of incidents like road traffic accidents (RTA), falls, bullet injuries, surgeries of spinal cord tumours, natural spinal diseases, and medical negligence.



We are dedicated to help PwSCI with innovative ideas of modification of their homes with least expenses to make them independent


Compilation of Database


Modifications of Bedrooms

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Free Treatment of Bedsores

Provide-a-right-wheelchair-by-Acmo Network

Providing Rright Wheelchairs

electric wheelchair

Provide Electric Wheelchairs

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We Compile a Database of PwSCI

We are keen to compile a database of PwSCI and thus come to know about the problems associated with the sci. We are persons from all walks of life like students, unemployed youth, masons, laborers, mechanics, carpenters, farmers, teachers, and so on.

Our Staff

The Most Caring Staff

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Dildar Ahmad

Founder President
Being an early age orphan Dildar Ahmad had a part time job while pursuing graduation and his hard work got him the highest post next to boss.
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Gurdeep Singh

Member Executive
After my spinal injury, life became very tough, because all of sudden there was a U turn, life came to standstill. It seemed as everything came to a halt. Latter my family and friends were beside me and supported me, after getting physical rehabilitation and training in assistive devices from St. Stephen's Hospital, New Delhi, encouraged me to bring my life back on the track . It was the motivation and inspiration from two NGO's HPVT and VMS (Srinagar) that today I am recognized for my contribution in the upliftment of PWDs (SCI) as a trainer of trainers and as a peer counselor trained by ICRC-Geneva and Motivation-UK.
Muzafar Nazir By Acmo Network

Muzafar Nazir

Vice President
Being a enthusiast of biking in Oct 2007 Muzafar Nazir was stopped by people who were cutting the trees on road side when he was going to famous picnic spot of kashmir - - - AHARBAL WATERFALL.
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Insha Bashir

Insha Bashir captain of current national women's basketball team J&K, met an accident when she was studying in class 12th, which injured her spine at L1 vertebrae. This incident shattered her for a while but she still continued her studies on wheelchair. The paradigm shift of her life was when she was admitted in SHAFAQAT REHABILITATION CENTER in 2017 where she got rehabilitated physically and psychologically.


Why choose us?

It is an old saying that one and one makes eleven. Together we can transform our world into a barrier free world. There are many ways you can support us by becoming volunteers and spreading the message of PREVENT SPINAL CORD INJURY. 

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Care Foundation

Concerned About Rehabilitation & Empowerment

We are a family of persons with spinal cord injury (PwSCI) commonly known as paraplegic or wheelchair users in the entire Jammu and Kashmir including Ladakh.